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Easter chocolate leftovers – yummy treats from around the Web


OK, I know that most of us do not quite comprehend the meaning of ‘leftover chocolate’ after Easter :). What leftover chocolate you ask.
There is nothing to be ashamed of as most of us devour our body weight in chocolate on Easter Sunday alone!

Perhaps if your children are still quite young and haven’t mastered the skill of guarding their stash with their lives you might be able to get your hand on some or at least try and trade a bit by promising lovely home-made chocolate goodies.

Let’s say you got the chocolate of different kinds just lying around, I have found some great ways of using it up. Unfortunately, it will not be any better for your waist but will definitely send your taste buds on a culinary adventure.

1. Oldie but definitely a goodie, these Chocolate Cornflake Cakes will more than make up for sneaky act of Easter egg robbery plus your children will enjoy making them too. Not a fan of cornflakes, try substituting them with rice krispies 😉
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2. This Ultimate No Bake Chocolate Cake recipe is a great base for lots of possibilities depending on your favourite flavours and ingredients you have to hand. You don’t like prunes, substitute with apricots. Not a fan of pistachios, peanuts will do just fine. Don’t forget to throw your favourite chocolate bar, why not? Mix and match and create your own perfect cake.
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3. Love milk chocolate? Love custard? Love tarts? This one is for you. Beautifully simple with stunning final effect. Perfect dessert for special occasion. (via foodnetwork.co.uk)




4. An icing on the cake would be this gorgeous Deluxe Hot Chocolate With Marshmallows! Do I need to say more? Try adding a bit of your favourite tipple for extra kick and you’re sorted. (via bbcgoodfood.co.uk)