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Spring Cleaning – Let’s Do It


It’s this time of year. Spring. British. Easter has come and gone (earlier than usual) and we find ourselves facing the fact that actually we haven’t managed to tend to all the “spring cleaning” tasks we so solemnly promised ourselves to get done.

What do we do? Should we just resign ourselves to yet another cleaning failure and promise ourselves that we will get it done sometime or should we approach it methodically?

The latter it is in our household and I am no Domestic Goddess I tell you 🙂

The approach I find really helpful goes like this:

1. Take it slow. DO NOT try and tackle the entire house in one day as it will simply not work!
2. One room at a time or even one part of the room at a time. Set yourself achievable goals.
3. Declutter, declutter, declutter! Try and get rid of as much of unused, useless stuff just lying around as you can. You will see how brilliant it feels. I know sometimes it’s really difficult to let go but if you haven’t used something for the last 12 months, you will probably never use it again.
4. Always start from the top. Clean those lamps, dust those cobwebs right at the top by the ceiling and so on…
5. Get your kids involved! I know what you are going to say here, “How is that going to work?”. Well, get them to declutter as well, go through their toys as well, perhaps encourage to make a pile of toys they do not play with anymore they can give away? The worst that can happen is they will be busy playing in their room for some time whilst you get on with it, win win situation 🙂
6. Start again tomorrow 🙂 It really is never ending story and with our busy lives, kids activities, family and work engagements it’s not easy I know. A little bit at a time and some everyday “staying on top of it” helps.
7. Get your oven cleaned with us! That’s one thing you can let somebody else to take care of 🙂